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Do It Yourself Xbox Repair

This is a great video that we found on You Tube. Might solve your RROD problems right away. Worst case, you get your hands dirty and start to solve the problem for yourself, without Big Brother or some geek off the street. Grab some tools and Do It Yourself!

Try it, you might like it. If you like it, send us your feedback.

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“The” Proven Do It Yourself Guide For Xbox 360 Repair

As we continue to explore the world wide web for the latest and greatest in Xbox repair tips, guides, info, etc. we stumbled across what seems to be the best solution for fixing the dreaded RROD (Red Rings of Death) that so many of us have been faced with in the past. This guide is less than $20 and swears to have you up and running in 60 minutes or less, plus they offer a money back guarantee, so what do you have to lose right? Well we thought the same thing, so we signed up and gave it a whirl. We performed it on two different consoles and in less than 40 minutes (averaged between the two) we had solved for the RROD and ahvent seen any repeats in more than three weeks – from this post.

Check it out for yourselves here

We have included some pictures of the repair process here, pretty simple stuff actually, you just have to follow the rules. No more paying some geek $100 to do something that you can do yourself for one fifth the price, plus you know how to do it for your friends. Bonus!

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