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Do It Yourself Xbox Repair

This is a great video that we found on You Tube. Might solve your RROD problems right away. Worst case, you get your hands dirty and start to solve the problem for yourself, without Big Brother or some geek off the street. Grab some tools and Do It Yourself!

Try it, you might like it. If you like it, send us your feedback.

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Xbox Repair From Big Brother

So, your Xbox is broken. Did you buy an extended warranty? Probably not. Is it out of manufacturer warranty? Most likely. Don’t worry, big brother is here to help. For only $99 to $119 Microsoft will take there sweet ole’ time, let you them their deffective product, so that they can fix it for you! Check it out for yourselves here. Don’t want to waste $99 to $119 more, after already dropping some serious sweet coin on this console? Don’t feel like waiting weeks for them to send it abck to you? Then we suggest you figure out another way. You can go to a local shop where some “geek” will do it for you, usually around the same price as Big Bro. Or, you can figure out how to do it yourself. That is the purpose of this site. Find a guide, get some tips, figure it out for yourself. It is not hard. Having problems? Contact us and we will try ot walk you through it. Get it done. Don’t be a slave to the man.

Here are a bunch of links for you to check it out for yourself. Tried one that works? Send us your feedback. They all sucked? We want to know that too. Help us, help you!

  1. 3 Red Light Fix
  2. eHow
  3. Fix Your Own Xbox
  4. Llamma
  5. Squidoo
  6. Ezine Articles

You can do it, don’t be scared of a few screws.

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