About XBOX Repair 101

This site is meant to serve as a how-to guide for Do It Yourselfers that want to fix their Xbox from the dreaded Red Rings of Death, boot issues, update issues, and everything in between. This is really a user forum, we want your feedback, we want your stories, we want to know how you fixed it and what was wrong in the first place. Submit pictures and videos, email us your stories, whatever it is, the more we can do to help each other, the less money we have to give to the man. As for us, we started off on Comodore 64 and have progressed from there as the consoles have grown, so has our passion for the games. In our homes, we have a combined 9 Xbox 360’s and three original Xbox’s, plus a host of other consoles from Super Nintendo to Sega DreamCast and Arcade consoles. If you have a question, we will work to solve it for you. Think of this as your one stop repair shop for all your gaming needs, we focused on Xbox because it seems to be the only one that keeps breaking! send us your questions, get involved, be a part of the solution.